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Sharing the story of real food, its origins and the work of the farmer producing it.


Farmer Gregie at 2017 Open Day.jpg

Farmer Gregie was awarded Australian Dairy Farmer of the Year - and has since become author of the book Holy Cow.

He has the ability of connecting his story to that of so many - a story of real food and health.

Through his own personal journey, he has made many discoveries that can help growing children and other adults as they face their own challenges.

Real food is our medicine and it is important to know where it came from, and the incredible work of the farmer in producing it for us - the consumer.

Views of the cows grazing


Whether it's for primary school children, high school kids or a corporate conference Farmer Gregie will have your audience captivated and coming away saying "WOW!"


As a 4th generation dairy farmer - growing up on the same farm as my Dad and my children... I sure do know a lot about farming and producing food. One of the most important things we do, is take great care of the animals that produce your food.

Farmer Gregie with his book Holy Cow


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